Bits and Bites…

It’s been a dramatic week here.
“I” came to work on Friday even though the day before she’d attempted to take her life. I left the decision up to her, but I agreed with her decision. Sitting in her dark little room at home would not help her any. I had some good talks with her where we discussed who it is that gives life and how the giver of life is always with us no matter how badly we are suffering. She told me that she has often prayed for happiness/joy, but He hasn’t sent it yet. Thankfully, at least on Friday, she said she no longer felt like taking her own life anymore.
Yesterday a Merpati plane crashed into the ocean while on descent into Kaiamana. On board was an MAF national employee from Nabire and her husband. Their infant daughter was not with them but with her grandmother. This was a couple who were strong believers and witnesses. Pray for their families that they may find peace in Him.
Last week the final repairs were done to the plane that’s been stuck interior since experiencing an accident upon landing. Three guys from here installed the propellor with some help from the on-looking locals. (see photos above)
Hugo is going to Kalimantan tomorrow until Saturday. As Hugo is the only certified MAF Avionics tech with experience here in Indonesia, he occasionally needs to travel to other programs to help out. Please pray for a safe trip as it is a fairly long circuitous route that he has to take to get there.

Last week Monday there were demo’s on our road.  As I was driving home from playing hockey I had to navigate around a taxi sporting an enormous megaphone on its roof, spouting free Papua retoric.  Then when I was half way up the hill I had to wait as a procession passed me carrying a sign saying that Indonesia is illegal in Papua…  hmmm…  Thankfully all the proceedings were peaceful and ended without incident.

I can’t remember when this happened, just that it happened.  There are a couple notorious alcohol-addicted men up on the hill here.  One of them has been in the back of our house looking for things to steal to sell.  That same guy was asking for money in the neighbourhood only this time he was waving around a machete while doing so.  He also went up the little road we live on and entered the home of a missionary and took a dvd player.  Some ladies saw him with it and began yelling.  When I came outside, the fellow was sitting in front of my gate with his machete on his lap and the dvd player beside him.  He wanted money supposedly for medicine for some sores on his back…  right…  A few missionaries came in addition to some locals and they were able to remove the machete from his person and retrieve the dvd player and all ended peacefully.  This guy is constantly stealing things and asking for money.  Everyone knows it and no one does anything about it.  They’ve tried to send him to Wamena, but he just comes back.  It’s a very sad situation as he has made the lives of his mother and sisters rather miserable.
Today is Mothers Day and I just want to say Hi to my Mom and thanks for being my mom! Love you!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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