More Bits and Bites…

Tomorrow it will be two weeks already since the kids were done school!  Time is zipping on by!  Yesterday we got their report cards and they all did great!  We’re so proud and thankful.

Hugo has been busy this week with an audit by some government aviation officials.  This audit is necessary for MAF to maintain its AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization) status.  So not excactly a fun kinda busy.  Thankfully the two guys that came knew their stuff and were actually helpful.  Whew…  So in a couple weeks we’ll find out what we need to do to maintain our AMO status.  In the meantime, we sit on pins and needles…

Nearly each weekday morning we head up to the school for some sport or another.  The kids play with us ladies for some of them which is a lot of fun.  At the same time we can visit the library for books or videos to keep us entertained when we’re not playing sports.  This afternoon Christiaan and Aidan and a few other boys from the school played soccer with the neighbourhood boys again.  I actually reffed 1.5 of the games…  I discovered that I’m not really ref material, too easily distracted…  The boys had a lot of fun and each scored a couple goals.  They are starting to remember the names of the local boys which is great!

I’m keeping occupied with household things and our annual family conference.  This year I am the coordinator along with a good friend.  I need her!  It’s an intimidating job!  So far things are moving along.  Nothing ever goes smoothly of course.  The fridge we normally use is broken and today I heard that the generator is broken…  These are conference make or break issues!  Hopefully they will be worked out.  We go to a remotish village where there is no electricity or stores.  We have to bring in everything that we’ll need.  That means being organized!

I’ve never ever seen real Spam here before.  Looks like there wasn’t too many cans left either…  Wouldn’t you like to try Salmon Teriyaki flavoured chips?  As opposed to eating the real thing my BC friends?

So apparently this snack is best enjoyed in Air-Conditioned places… 🙂


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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