Bits and Bites…

* There were some free P*pua dem*’s this week.  They were planned for Tuesday and that morning it was raining fairly heavily.  We decided it would be ok to go up to the school to play volleyball at 8 am because no one goes out in the rain here.  And there wasn’t anyone out.  When it was time to go home it was raining even heavier.  This was a real answer to prayer.  The dem*’s still happened, but they were quiet and short-lived.

* There’s been some unrest interior.  Last January a pastor was killed and this past week his tribe exacted retaliation and killed a pastor/Bible school teacher.  There were lots of people at our office looking for flights into that village in the hopes that they could calm things down.  So we did make a flight with a few guys (pastors I think).

* This past week one of the bigger airstrips interior was closed due to some shots being fired around the airport.  Please pray for Papua and for peace here!

* Hugo’s been back at work this week after having last week off.  The kids have one more week of holidays and then it’s back to school already!

Don’t you love the brand of this cereal?  Who comes up with this stuff?

*So I had a birthday this past week and our friends put on a Canadian party for me including lacrosse and curling.  It was really fun and the food was amazing!  We are so blessed to have such good friends here.  Without family nearby, you really rely on your friends a lot more.

* It’s Ramadan again.  So the mosques have been a little louder than usual.  Today Christiaan and Aidan played soccer with a group of local kids up at the school and some of them are fasting and it was evident in their lack of energy while playing…


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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One Response to Bits and Bites…

  1. Dylan says:

    Hey… just checking out your blog…. That Skippy cereal is from here in OZ 🙂

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