The 53rd anniversary of the Reformed churches in Papua…

On Sunday we celebrated the anniversary together with the church in Waena.  The young people of the churches had worked very hard to put together a program.  They had also had a pop singers competition the week prior.  The local pizza joint even sponsored the event.  (well, sort of, they gave it credibility by selling their food at the event for discounted prices)  We started out with a regular church service led by Pak Semrumi who preached.  Our pastor told the history of the reformed churches and Pak Yan Wambraw had a little speech as well.  Then the girl who won the competition sang a beautiful praise song.  She’s a really good singer!  Then the young people did their drama re-enacting how the people lived back in the 50’s before the missionaries came and then they re-enacted the first arrival of Rev Drost in the village of Kou.  Fred, a true blue Dutch guy, played the role of Rev. Drost.  The drama was very well done with a lot of attention to detail.  At one point some of the men speared a fake pig and “blood” poured out of it.  I will try to upload some video of the “war” that happened after one tribe stole the wife of another tribe.  After the drama they handed out the awards for the singing competition and for the soccer games.  On Friday some of us ladies from the Sentani church went to Waena to play mini soccer against another team.  We got beat 1-0 but in our defence, the goals are about 1.5 feet wide so not hard to keep…  After that we all ate together.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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