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These are some photos of people selling things in spite of the fire that destroyed the original market area.  The white things are sago.  Sago is harvested from the inside of a sago palm and must be processed properly or it is inedible.  People use it to make sago bread and papeda.  Papeda is like an enormous glob of glue that you need to cut into swallowable-sized pieces cause you can’t chew it.  It is frequently eaten with fish soup.

I love the colours at the pasar and I was intrigued by the older woman’s tatoos.  They were obviously not professionally done.  I wondered when she got them and why.  I didn’t ask her, yet…

The kids are now into their third week of school so we’ve settled into a bit of a routine now.  I am the morning bus driver for the kids on the hill.  Well, that means our kids and our neighbours kids…  There were too many kids for the “bus” to make just one run to school.

 This year I am co-coaching the Junior varsity girls volleyball team with another lady.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been learning a lot more about volleyball!  They were kinda desperate so they accepted our offer to coach…  We are an International group: Native American Indian (Cherokee), American, Dutch, Canadian, South Korean, and Indonesian.  So fun!  That’s Mikah in the back row on the far left.

Hugo’s keeping very busy with stuff in the hangar.  He’s had to deal with some national employee issues (a first for him as manager) and some other unexpected aircraft stuff.

He cracked a bone in one of his fingers a while back while playing volleyball and it is finally now healed.  I’m currently dealing with what the doctor thinks is a miniscus problem in my left knee.  So no sports for me for a few weeks…  blah…  Hopefully rest is all that’s needed to fix it!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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  1. andrea says:

    hi, my name is andrea, i just found your page, i was living in sentani until june, and now my husband is there, and i and my baby will be there next month, i want to be in contact with you because i don’t know nobody there, please if you can send me some contact of you i apreciate (i don’t speak 100 percent english!). I wait for your answer, my email is thank you!

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