Joy’s First Brithday Party…

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Infant mortality is fairly high here so it’s cause for celebration when a child reaches one year of age.  Joy’s family put on a party for her.  They cooked all day long!  V, Joy’s mom, hadn’t planned on killing a pig for the event, it’s a lot of work. However, her husbands family, in Dani (mountain people) tradition, butchered a pig because a party isn’t a party unless a pig is butchered for the event.

The party began at 4:00 with prayer and some singing.  Then the wife of the pastor had a little talk for the kids about faith and trusting in God.  Then more singing.  Then they cut the cake and Joy fed a piece to her Mom and then she couldn’t resist having a piece herself.  After that she gave a piece of cake to the special people in her lives.  Breaking tradition, they actually served a piece of cake to all of the guests.  I think they’ve been influenced by us Westerners.  Then all the kids received a little package of rice, noodles and chicken.  A little buffet was set up for the adults.  There was rice (of course), noodles, kangkung (ditchweed), and pig meat.  They love to eat the fat of the pig so most pieces had fat on them.  R went to the back and found us some without fat because she knows we’d prefer that…  sweet…  The kids also all received a goody bag.


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Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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One Response to Joy’s First Brithday Party…

  1. Pearl says:

    Joy looks so happy & does her Mom! Hard to believe she’s a year already. It’s humbling how they incorporate prayer & singing into their celebration.

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