Bits and Bites…

This is a bullet post people…

* MAF was invited to join in a soccer tournament celebrating the birthday of the airport (or something like that-any excuse for a soccer tournament around here…).  So a few of the expats, including Hugo, and a bunch of the national employees formed a team.  So far they’ve tied one game and won one game.

* One of our aircraft experienced a landing accident a few weeks ago when a tire blew while landing.  The pilot wasn’t able to prevent the plane from veering to the side and going nose-down in to the ditch.  No one was hurt except the plane.  This happened in a remote interior village where there’s no electricity and water is collected from a source 4 km away.  Hardly anyone speaks Indonesian.  Sufice it to say, it’s pretty primitive out there.  Hugo went out there a couple times to check things out and see what needed to be done to get the plane out and to fix it.  A crew went in last week and with the help of the villagers, got the plane out and parked it where they can work on it.  Now they need to wait for the replacement parts to come it.  When they do go to work they’ll have to fly in a generator and compressor amongst other tools.  This village is very dependant on the airplane as they are rather remote.

* The kids have been in school for about 4 weeks already…  maybe more, I’ve lost track already…  They are into the routine although Brynne still seems tired.  It’s her first year in school for the whole day.

* Christiaan’s FM stopped holding a charge so we sent to for repair to Jakarta.  Thankfully it was repaired under warranty and is on its way back here.  In the meantime Christiaan has been using an old wired unit that we still had.  Not ideal, but functional for the most part.

* We are currently here on a vis* extension as our vis* had expired and the new one hadn’t yet been approved (or something like that).  Hopefully our new one will be ready in a few days.  That will mean that we’ll have to go to Jayapura for fingerprinting again…  Yes, again…

* I hope that the vis* is ready soon.  I am in the process of trying to go to Singapore to get my knee checked out.  I’ve had chronic pain for at least 1.5 years and it was getting worse as of late until a few weeks ago when I experienced a swollen knee for 1.5 weeks.  It appears that I may need meniscus repair.  However, only an MRI can confirm that.  Immigration doesn’t usually give out exit re-entry permits on vis* extensions so we need to wait until we have our new vis* in order to buy plane tickets and apply for the ERP.  And of course, insurance approval…

* The large tree in our back yard died during the drought we had last year and branches started falling on their own.  So it was decided to hire guys to cut the tree down.  It’s difficult to find loggers around here…  But they managed to find a crew.  They are barefoot, don’t use safety harnesses and use machetes…  I’m frightened really…   Plus, one of the guys brings his child with and he runs around the yard while the branches are being cut off…  I just hide….

* A while ago it became “legal” to openly sell alcohol here.  Since then there has been more public drunkeness.  Just last week I had a guy stop me, I was in the car thankfully.  I just waited until he came around to my window and then zoomed off.  Then as I was turning off the main road, an inebriated man threw a glass bottle at the car.  Because of his physical and mental state, he didn’t move very quickly and I was able to accelerate enough to avoid getting hit.  We are always on high alert when out and about around here!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Bits and Bites…

  1. doulanic says:

    We prayed for you guys in church last week — and we’ll keep you in our personal prayers too …it sounds like things are not as safe there anymore! Inebriated people are always a bit scary…. Stay safe you guys!!

  2. Anneke says:

    We will continue to pray… Vis* situations are never fun and living on an extension is not nice, pray that it will work out quick and well… (Haha, SA home Affairs sounds very similar to the one you are dealing with, they took forever to finish our marriage certificate and when I got it they totally misspelled my name…. and were surprised that i wanted to have it changed…)
    Love from South Africa

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