Bits and Bites…

Aidan is sick and it appears that he has Typhoid.  As none of us has ever had this before, we didn’t even think that he might have it.  When one has a headache and fever, we automatically assume malaria or dengue fever.  On Friday we did a slide and a rapid test for malaria.  The slide was negative (according to the notoriously inconsistent local pharmacy) and the rapid test seemed to show a very faint line by the positive for Tropika side.  So we started him on meds that night.  It’s Monday and he still has a splitting headache and mild fever.  So I took him to the clinic.  We did a blood test and his leukocytes were low which can be caused by Typhoid.  Typhoid also causes splitting headaches and abdominal tenderness.  So now he’s on Zithromax for a week which should take care of it.  He’ll probably miss most of the week of school, poor guy…

This past weekend a group of guys came by to cut down the rest of the tree.  They had the electrical company come and take down the electrical cable that spanned our backyard.  Instead of cutting the power just until the cable was released, they left the power off all day.  There was a lot of tying up of branches and the roaring of 3 chainsaws…  In the end, the swing set was destroyed and the tree house decimated…  but we don’t have to worry about falling branches anymore…

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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