Bits and Bites…

So now that I’ve pictorially updated you all on what happened in the past, it’s time for the present.

On Jan 16 Christiaan and I flew to Singapore for his annual check-up and new ear molds.  That very same day, on a later flight, Hugo’s folks left for Australia.  It was a fun three weeks with them!

While in Singapore I went for a follow-up consult with my knee surgeon.  He was happy with my knee and gave me other exercises to do.  My knee is still rather stiff and weak so I need to continue with my physio exercises.  Not the funnest thing to do…  I am able to play all the sports that I like, I just can’t run at the same quickness yet that I could before surgery, but there is progress.  While in Singapore Christiaan and I enjoyed eating Western food like McDonald’s and Chili’s and drinking slurpies from 7/11.  On our way back to Papua we spent a night with friends in Jakarta and even managed to do a little shopping.

We have had very strange weather these past few days.  High winds and cold morning temps (25C and breezy) with sporatic rainfall.  As our house doesn’t have glass louvers in the windows of the living/dining area, the wind and rain just blow right through the house.  So as you can imagine, I don’t really enjoy this weather.  The other negative of the high winds, is frequent power outages.  The power had been stable for so long that our generator had a layer of dust on it…  but now it’s getting a real workout again.

The kids have been back to school for three weeks now and we’re into the routine again.  Right now the entire high school is interior for the annual Outdoor Education weeks.  They spend two weeks interior working in a few villages.  Some of the things they do are: HIV/Aids awareness, Dental care, and kids stuff for the village kids.  They also usually have a project that they work on for the village such as repairing a water source, or working on the runway or the like.  There is also a pastor each time who speaks to the high schoolers.  It’s a great time of learning and spiritual growth for the kids.  Next year Mikah can look forward to participating in this event!

Hugo enjoyed two weeks off of work while his parents were in town.  Now he is back in the swing of things.  There is never a dull moment for him as maintenance operations manager.          They have been renovating the hangar and can now fit three aircraft in it at one time!  One caravan and two kodiaks.  For you aircraft people, this is very exciting…




About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Bits and Bites…

  1. Rose Bredenof says:

    You live an exciting life! Julie (my Grade 6 daughter) actually asked about Christiaan yesterday! Out of the blue, she said, “You know that boy who had ear issues who moved away from Langley, do you know how he is doing?” I don’t know if he remembers going to school with Julie at Credo, but she says, “Hi!”.

  2. pop says:

    Hi, Erica, about your knee and being fast, it MIGHT not only be your knee……………you’re bumping 40 you know……..with adolescent kids and stuff…………………. Love you guys!! pop

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