Sickness is making the rounds in the community here again.  Our family is mostly ok, just some colds.  I have a cold and the climate has been really hot and humid over the last few days and that combined with my cold has left me feeling a titch drained.  Hugo and I haven’t been sleeping very well as of late either.  It’s rather annoying really…

Basketball season has started and a couple dad’s from the community were gracious enough to offer to coach a middle school team giving Christiaan the opportunity to learn the sport better.  They had their first game last Friday.  The team they played was considerably bigger and older than them but they kept their composure.  They lost badly, but we were very proud of Christiaan when he scored a surprise 3 pointer!  Yay!

Basic health knowledge is just not a common thing out here.  The local folks always think I’m a nurse…  right…  I know that an open wound should be kept covered and I can treat malaria, amoeba, and worms…  and oh ya, I now know how to treat typhoid…  People here don’t ask questions at the doctor, they just do whatever he/she tells them to do.  If you are told to take yellow pills twice a day for three days, you do it.  Even though it might just be vitamin C…  And when you are not very well-off, you do without things that you might consider non-essential, like bandaids…  On Monday Y and his brother Y were working on the road in front of our house and a cute young girl from the local community was watching them and joking with them.  I went to talk with them and noticed a cloud of flies around one of her feet.  See the photos for pictorial evidence of one of her two wounds after two days of band-aids and antibiotic ointment.  Still nasty looking.  I told her to come every day for me to change the band-aids and so far she’s come every day.  She’s the cutest thing!  She’s eight and has never been to school.  She said her parents wanted to register but waited too long and the registration was already closed.  Typical…

Today the very first National Syn*d of the Gereja-Gereja Reformasi in Indonesia began.  It was supposed to begin tomorrow, but they had not yet received the necessary permit.  In this province, whenever a church wants to have a large gathering a provincial permit is necessary.  If f*reigners are going to attend, a permit from J*karta is necessary.  I doubt our cousins in faith need any permit of the sort for any of their gatherings…  So today they had the opening ceremonies including a speech by a representative of the governor of the province.  There are a number of people who have travelled from far to attend.  There are a couple from Holland, a couple from PNG, and one from Australia.

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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  1. Rose Bredenof says:

    Hoping you all feel better soon and get your strength back. Wishing you all some good-quality of sleep better! Thank you for all your updates. Makes us really realize how much you all sacrifice and we appeciate it! Praying for you. We do think of you often and are so happy to read your blog. Oh, and that ankle picture – OUCH!

  2. jbredenhof says:

    Ditto to all that Rose just said. (Hi Rose!) I kind of flinched when I read the part about the flies hovering around her ankle — we’ve got our share of flies down here on the farm so I’m not a fan of flies, let alone swarms o’ them! All the best, Nurse Erica. Obviously your experience as a Mom gives you plenty of common-sense know-how for dealing with some of the ‘cases’ that walk your way. (Hope all the snotting and sniffling is over soon.)

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