Life in general, particularly life over here, is always full of challenges.  We are feeling a bit challenged out at the moment…

Christiaan’s FM system that we purchased on furlough worked flawlessly the first year he used it.  This year started out with it not holding a charge.  We sent it off to Jakarta for warranty repair.  The first day using it after repair the transmitter was dropped and the case cracked.  It still functioned but when I went to Singapore for knee surgery I took it with me.  It was repaired and returned to us.  It did not function properly after that.  We sent it to Jakarta again and they could not figure out the problem and were about to send it to the manufacturer in Switzerland.  I suggested that we send it to our audiologist in Langley which is where we originally purchased the unit.  So we did.  It was apparently repaired and Pearl sent it off to MAF in Nampa and our program manager hand carried it back over the ocean to us.  Christiaan was very excited to use it on Monday again and, you guessed it, it wasn’t working properly…  AAARRRGGGGG!!!!!  This is getting really old…  Now we are waiting to hear back from our audiologist in Canada as to what we should do.

In other news, Delpina continues to come faithfully each day to have her bandaids replaced and there is a marked improvement in the condition of the wounds.  She is such a sweet girl and sometimes ends up playing with Brynne for a while if she’s home.

We went to the beach last Saturday and it was wonderful weather and the water was great.  I didn’t take my camera and only took the one photo of Brynne buried in the sand.

I have started to put out the word that I’m looking for a new helper.  I wish to take my time and make sure that I hire the right person.  In the meantime, my gracious neighbour is sharing her helper with me.  V happens to be R’s younger sister and a wonderful woman.  She is the proud mother of little Joy.  I am so blessed to have her help right now.  It’s really preventing me from experiencing a bit of a breakdown…

Today there was a dem* in town again.  I was coming home from the school this morning and the people were gathered at the bottom of our hill.  There’s always a guy standing on the side of the road with a box that says “Rev*lution Box” on it and you can put money in the box if you should so desire.  They were also flying the flag of the province, technically illeg*l…  I always wonder what happens to the funds placed in that box.  My bet is on a visit to the local liqu*r shop for a post dem* party.  Anyways, things got a bit heated and the local law enforcement, which had been at the ready all morning, temporarily closed down the main drag at one point as there were a couple large groups running towards eachother on the street.  Many people had gathered at the large field in town where the former head of the freed*m movement is buried.  It appears that all ended peacefully after a while.

I’ve started teaching English to a neat group of Highland guys.  They are part of a program aimed at discipling and training young people from the interior.  They are here in Sentani for six weeks to gain some new experiences.  While here they are coming to our house once a week for two hours to learn more English from me.   Thankfully, I was given a curiculum…  They are such a great group and so eager to learn.  It’s really exciting to help them!

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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  1. jbredenhof says:

    Brynne looks totally unclaustrophobic there relaxing ‘in’ the sand!
    God bless your efforts as you teach the 12 young men some more English.
    All the best maintaining your cool in the ‘help’ department (or lack of it) and still not over-committing yourself.

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