And the fun continues…

Mikah had her golden birthday this week.  She turned 14 on the 14th!  She had her supper of choice, burritos and trifle for dessert.  Now burritos are a relatively easy meal in North America.  Here, not so much.  I had to make the tortillas and the salsa.  I ordered some “corn” tortilla’s and fried them up into chips.  I made sour cream using UHT whipping cream and vinegar.  The trifle contained homemade chocolate pudding…  so easy to make, who knew??  It was a delicious supper for our beautiful daughter!

“I’s” husband has been frequently hanging around our fence as of late.  Yesterday morning I was at the school playing ball hockey with the ladies while “V” was working in the house.  “T” began to walk around the fence trying to see inside the house to see if anyone was working.  “V” became a little worried and called “R” (she was using her husbands phone so didn’t have my number).  The gate was not locked at that time.  “R” came up on her motorbike to help out and “T” decided to punch her in the face.  She got a bit of a bump above her right eyebrow from that one.  He claimed that no one else was to work for me until I had paid him and he was angry because “R” had told on “I” to me.  Right…  I didn’t need her to tell me anything I didn’t already know…  In the Dani culture, “R” could demand pigs as payment for this wrongful attack.  She won’t of course.  The incident was witnessed by an MAF worker who later told me that he was going to get some friends together to hit “T” back but then “T” took off.  Oh man…

So in the meantime, we’ve decided to turn off our public water system until “T” stops bugging us.  We may need to have a third party go and speak with him and tell him that what he is doing is inappropriate and isn’t going to make us pay him any money.  Had he not behaved in such a manner, we may have considered helping them out, but that bridge has been burned.  It is cultural to go through a third party here.  (couldn’t post this yesterday so today I’m posting it.  Just talked with I and T on the phone and he says he’s going to keep doing this until I pay and that R and her sister will be the victims.  He’s really quite stubborn and acting in the ways of his forefathers.)

Hugo is our hero!  Not only can he fix airplanes…  he also fixed the generator!!!!  Love that guy…  It is a rather timely repair because there’s been a shortage of diesel and the local power generators run on diesel so there’s been the odd power outage nearly every day as of late.  Not that we turn our generator on the instant the power is out, but there’ve been a couple days lately where it was off the entire day.

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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3 Responses to And the fun continues…

  1. Laurie Hanchard says:

    Congratulations Mikah. 14 already! Now isn’t it time that you went out to work to keep the family in the idleness and luxury that they are used to?
    To turn to more serious matters – how are you going to resolve the animosity with T? I presume that this is the normal way that they react to a situation and that it tends to escalate. How much is he claiming in Canadian money? It must be difficult to be fair (as we understand fairness) without appearing to be the rich foreigner taking advantage of the poor indigenous person.
    How long do these feuds last? Are they passed on from father to son? And do they escalate? Is there no way to get mediation from a disinterested 3rd party?
    I’ll pray for you in your problem, that you will be able to resolve it amicably and that it will bring glory to the kingdom.
    Best wishes to you all.

  2. jbredenhof says:

    Happy 14th birthday, Micah! Your Mom is right, you ARE beautiful!
    About that trifle — looks yummy, but my guess is that there’s not a smidge left!
    Hope you all had a great day celebrating.
    God bless and keep all of you.
    PS: it’d be downright hard to love that neighbour ‘standing at your gate!’

  3. OpaOma says:

    Love the pictures

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