Last night at 3:00am we experienced an earthquake that registered 6.2 on the Richter scale. Its epicentre was 153 Km SSW of us.  I was awake at the time because we had a monster tropical storm last night including big winds and rain that was going on and off like somone was playing with a tap.  Then I wondered why Hugo was making the bed move so much…  Right…  It lasted about 15 seconds or so.

No more news to report on the drama with T.  I think he’s probably a bit worried that if he does something else, there will be repercussions from the community.  One of R’s distant male relatives told me that T had crossed the line when he hit a woman.  Men hitting men is totally ok and probably a man hitting his wife is also ok, but a man hitting a woman who is not his wife, is not ok.  We are trying to maybe have a meeting with I’s dad to tell her what exactly happened.  We’ll see if it becomes necessary.  I kind of feel like this might be done.

We are starting to make lists.  Lists for what we will need to buy when we come to Canada in June!  We are pretty pumped about this mid-term break actually.  Six weeks!  Hugo plans to leave the beginning of June and head to Witchita, Kansas for a Caravan safety course and I will leave here on June 13th and meet him in Vancouver.  We’ll stay there for about a week and a half before heading to Ontario for the rest of our time.  The boys are super pumped about visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame!  Ok, maybe I’m just a little pumped about that too….  Last time I was there I was 19, it’s been a while…  And oh yeah, we’re also super pumped to see friends and family!!!  🙂

Hugo and the guys are in the middle of moving their office and parts room into their new digs.  They’re very excited about them as it is so much nicer and more organized.  I will try to get some photos soon…


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Earthquake!

  1. jbredenhof says:

    How nice that you have a break with and for the family to look forward to! No wonder you and the kids pumped! As well as, as Elvis sang it, ‘all shook up.’ Any damage besides rattled nerves?
    Take good care of yourselves, and God keep you in HIS care.

  2. Esther says:

    Hi Erica and clas,

    Not sure if you guys are driving across the country come summer, but if you need a place to stay on your way across, you’re welcome to spend the night here in Elm Creek. We’ve got enough room if you need it.
    Take care out there!
    Esther Gunnink

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