V’s Graduated!

I completely forgot to blog about V’s graduation.  She’s been studying for a few years now.  I’m not 100% sure what she’s studying but I think it has to do with economics.  She had her official graduation ceremony two weeks ago on Monday morning.  Then the following Saturday evening they had a service in front of their house to celebrate.  The service started at 3:00.  After the service, about 5:00, there was a buffet which included pork that had been cooked in the ground with hot rocks (thick layer of fat included-which the people love to eat!) along with some leafy thing (see photo).  They had also made some chicken, and pork with sweet soy sauce and some kind of pork soup with bits of pork fat floating around in it.  There were baked sweet potatoes, rice and stir-fried vegetables.  I took a spot behind the food table and waved a bit of cardboard over the dishes to keep the flies away.  V plans to work for a year and then hopefully get a government job.

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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One Response to V’s Graduated!

  1. Jan says:

    Food looks interesting! Did it taste good?

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