Bits and Bites…

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Last week the public phone/internet cables were burned in a freak fire near a bridge widening project.  We have MAF internet that we can use as back-up but annoyingly, it was also non-functioning.  As it turned out, a family of ants had made a home inside the receiver unit located on the top of our water tower.  Now both systems are back on line.  Whew!

A couple weeks ago Hugo and our national mechanic put on a tech meeting for the national workers in the hangar.  One of the things they also went over was how to put out a fire with an extinguisher.  That was a fun exercise!  Afterwards the guys enjoyed calzones for coke for lunch.

We are heading into an election for governor.  I’m not sure when exactly this election is scheduled to occur but the candidates are actively campaigning.  One guy sponsored a competition for Christmas booths a few months ago.  I took a photo of a campaign poster recently and these guys promised to give every community 1 milyard rupiah.  I’m actually not even sure how much that is but it’s a ridiculous amount to promise, unrealistic really.

The situation with “I” seems to have completely died out. The meeting that was to have happened, never did.  I had opportunity to speak with both her parents on separate occasions and I explained to them why I had let her go.  Neither parent expressed surprise.  The other day her dad came by to borrow funds and said that he had asked “I” if she really had taken money and she did not deny it and didn’t want to talk about it, basically admitting guilt.

Our neighbours have a new pet and it caused quite a scene on arrival.

This past week we had to go to Jayapura for fingerprinting.  As we were driving up one of the many hills on the way, the car died.  So there we were in the middle of a busy road (the only road!) blocking traffic and we can’t get the car going.  Thankfully a police truck came by and pulled over.  They offered to pull us to a garage.  So they got out a rope-type thing and attached it to our car and began pulling us.  I guess they forgot that when the motor isn’t running, you don’t have power brakes.  They started to go rather quickly down the hills.   I waved them down and they stopped and we managed to stop and then we explained that we were worried about hitting their back end.  They obviously hadn’t thought about the lack of power affecting the brakes but went slower after that.  They brought us to a fairly large garage (by local standards).  Turns out they were a K9 unit and pulled us with one of their dog leashes…  Only here!  Then an MAF guy came with another car for us.  So off to the immigration office we went.  It was fairly uneventful there.  We promised to take the kids to KFC for lunch but when we went there, they had no chicken!  Arrgg…  But things got better when we found zucchini and broccoli!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Bits and Bites…

  1. Keith Sikkema says:

    A milyard rupiahs—that would be a billion. Now, what’s that in dollars?
    Uncle Keith

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