Bits and Bites…

Some observations of Canada:

The roads are so smooth!

It’s so clean!

There’s so much cool stuff to buy!

I love vacuuming!

I don’t like the milk…  (Marc)

Why do I have to go to bed, it’s not dark yet???

It’s too easy to spend too much $ here…  (dad and mom)

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our time here in BC staying at the Hoff residence.  They are very gracious hosts and it’s been fab catching up with them again.  The weather has been sporatically good which allowed us to engage in a rousing match of capture the flag the other evening.

We’ve managed to all visit the dentist and only Aidan and Mom had small cavities…  whew…

We were able to see Christiaan’s audiologist and we ended up purchasing a new set of (very expensive) hearing aids for him.  These aids are more water resistant than his old ones and we’re hopeful they will be good for sports and playing outside.  The ones he’d been wearing prior started to die after a while as his sweat was entering the battery compartment.  We sent his FM in for repair again and they suggested we replace it for a fee due to the fact that this was the 4th time it had been sent in for repair.  Our audiologist checked it all out and everything is functioning properly now.  We hope that is true once we return home and he uses it in school.

We are now enjoying our last few days in BC before we head east on Tuesday.  We plan to spend the next four weeks up in the Owen Sound area.  We hear that the weather is warmer over there…  🙂




About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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