Bits and Bites…

It’s been forever since I’ve posted…  Partly this is due to less than stellar internet, well, mostly. 

* We have begun to get settled into life here in Papua again.  It hasn’t been super easy.  Canada is the land of milk and honey.  I never get yelled at for no reason and the grocery store there always has what I need. 

* The kids started school today again.  They were mostly excited about returning but they were also sad about losing their free time.  The school days here are long, 7:30-3:00 and then there’s homework.  But they all came home today very excited about their first day.

* So today was my first day without kids at home in about three months.  I had big plans, well, sort of.  Then I got news that the older brother of one of our MAF workers had passed away that morning.  I went to the home with another MAF wife and a national worker.  Just after we arrived, while we were sitting on the tiny front porch, they brought the body out into the front room and put it into the waiting coffin.  He was 47 years old and died of cirrosis of the liver.  Very sad.  As we left after having expressed our condolences, I looked back and saw three of his teenage children around the head of the coffin, crying.  I won’t forget that scene too quickly.

* Later after the kids were home Mikah and I headed out on my motorbike to get some necessary school supplies.

I parked my bike beside this Harley cause for sure no one would try to steal my bike…  Never mind that you super rarely ever see a Harley out here…  In case you aren’t sure, my bike’s the one on the right…  😉

We went to the book/stationary shop that happens to be on the upper floor of the mall.  Unfortunately their air conditioners were not functioning and the place was a literal sauna…  I’ve never felt so sorry for a cashier before!

A couple weeks ago we welcomed these two new beauties to our fleet here.  They were flown across the Pacific ocean to get here.  Always thankful for safe travels for the ferry pilots!  Now we wait for the gov’t paperwork to be finalized before we can make use of them!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Bits and Bites…

  1. Kees and Ria VV says:

    Glad to hear you’re home safely and getting things back to normal. Wish you all strength from the Lord to continue in your work.May He bless it richly.
    Kees and Ria VV

  2. jbredenhof says:

    What a nice looking family you have, Erica and Hugo! By God’s grace and with His blessing, they all look so happy and healthy, and eager to take up their next year of schooling! We wish you and Hugo God’s continued blessings as well.

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