Bits and Bites…

Life is just zipping along here.  Kids go to school each morning and Hugo goes to work.  We’ve gotten into a bit of a routine now.  I’m the morning school “bus” driver for all the MAF kids up on our hill.  There’s 8 of ’em so we’re fully loaded.

Things have actually been quite quiet as of late.  I haven’t been stopped by any inebriated fellows.  I get yelled at daily of course, that’s just par for the course over here.  I never really know what they’re saying, maybe that’s a good thing…

There’s some kind of virus making its way through the community.  So far we haven’t gotten the worst of it, but that may be coming yet.  Today most of the kids complained of head aches, sore throats, and colds when they came home from school.

Last week there was tech meetings here so all the pilots and their planes were in town.  That’s a lot of planes!  (see photo)

Recently one of our pilots went into a new area that MAF had never served before.  This area is near the neck of the bird (our island is shaped like a bird) and at a fairly low elevation.  There’s an evang*list from a city nearby who has been working in the area.  He can take the helicopter in, but that’s really pricey and the heli has limited space for cargo.  He can walk in, which he’s done, but it takes him two weeks.  One of our pilots went in the heli and surveyed the area and saw that there was a nice lake nearby.  So recently one of our pilots landed with the amphib Cessna 208 on the lake and brought a couple doctors, the evangelist, a pastor, a carpenter, and the government leader from the district in.  He made a few more trips and brought building supplies so that the evang*list can make a more permanent home for him and his family.  This “new” people group wears clothing made from bark and are remarkably healthy because there are no mosquitoes in that area.  MAF is very excited about serving these people and helping the evang*list with his work.

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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