Bits and Bites…

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It’s Sunday morning and the internet is cooperating for me.  Our church services begin at 8:30am, so we’re home when most people are still in church.

Each week seems to fly by these days.  Hugo is always very busy, there seems to be an endless stream of aircraft going in and out of the hangar.  With each repair comes the inevitable swath of paperwork.  We are still waiting for the Certificate of Airworthiness for our two new aircraft.  Nothing ever goes smoothly when it comes to these sorts of things.

Each month during the school year we have a meeting of the middle school kids in the community.  The purpose is learning, fun, and fellowship.  Last month my friend N and I put on the meeting.  It was held in the home of another family and we did some fun games followed by a talk by N on the importance of reading and memorizing the Bible and how you start with baby food and move onto meat.  Then the kids all had the opportunity to decorate cupcakes.   It was a super fun evening!

Christiaan seems to be on the upswing now.  We are still encouraging him to take it easy as he seems to tire more quickly than normal.  Then Marc broke out in some strange spots a week ago.  It looked like hives so we treated with anti-histamines.  After three different types didn’t have any effect we went to the expat Dr. for advice.  Turns out Marc has Pityriasis Rosea.  Hmmm….  Typically one can get this after recovering from a virus.  Marc hasn’t been sick in the past while so we’re not sure where it came from.  It’s just a little itchy and rather unsightly but Marc handles it well.

This past week I went with V and little Joy to the local hospital for a chest x-ray.  Joy has had TB and completed the 6 month course of treatment but is exhibiting some symptoms again.  There is actually a decent gov’t program here for TB (and leprosy and HIV/AIDS) but for some reason V went to a local Doc.  This Dr did an ultra sound of Joy’s chest and diagnosed her with TB.  I’ve since found out that local Dr’s like to do this and then prescribe expensive meds that they make lots of money on.  Ultrasound is not a reliable way to check a persons lungs.  So we went to get her a chest x-ray as she is too young to do a sputum test.  The radiologist deemed her fine and the Dr. said that her symptoms are because she isn’t eating…  ARRRGGGGG….  They say that all the time here!  They never try to find out why a person isn’t eating….  so frustrating.  Anyways, we’ll monitor Joy and see how she does in the next couple of weeks before doing anything else.  Should she have TB again, we can go to the local clinic and get free meds that are good as they are from a Unicef program.  At least I hope V will want to do that.  It seems that they feel if the meds are pricey, they are better….

Volleyball season is done and without a break, the kids have moved onto futsal.  Thankfully for Christiaan and Aidan there is a boys middle school team so they have an opportunity to play and improve their skills.  The first game was this past Friday.  I ended up being one of the refs for the game (they were desperate).  As the local kids here play soccer all the time, our boys got creamed.  Although in their defense, the team that came to play was a bit older, due to a mix-up.  Our boys held their own and did their best though.  Mikah is also playing on the girls B team as the keeper.  She was a busy girl and made a lot of saves although her team did end up losing in the end.

After each game one of the high school classes serves a meal to the community.  You have to buy the meal if you want it of course.  This is a learning opportunity for the kids as they can’t get part time jobs here.  Of course, the moms are heavily involved as well.  Mikah’s class sells burritos and our (my) job is to make the salsa.  Then we help serve the meal.  I find it rather fun as you get to meet lots of people and have a little chat as they make their way down the serving table.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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  1. Rob Schouten says:

    Thanks for the update. How is Marc doing now?

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