Good-bye’s are never fun…

I know we’re all smiling on the photo, but good-bye’s aren’t fun!  However, they are a huge part of our life here in Papua.  This lovely couple, J and D Wieske, lived here for about 6 years before repatriating to the Netherlands again.  Following repatriation they returned regularly to continue a course J had started teaching in the interior.  Recently they were here for the final phase of the course and the graduation.  They had the opportunity to live in their old house in Boma (where they lived for part of their time here in Papua before they moved to Sentani) while teaching.  During the two years that they lived here in Sentani, they lived up on our hill and became surrogate grand-parents for our kids and dear friends to us.  So we were very sad to say good-bye to them.  They won’t come here anymore but hopefully we will be able to see them in the Netherlands in the future.  D.V.

* I forgot to say what the photo of Mikah and friend was all about in my prior post.  Each year the student council hosts a Sadie Hawkins dinner, so the girls ask the boys.  Mikah asked her friend and classmate Carter and after much discussion they agreed to go as hippies.  Didn’t they look great?



About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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3 Responses to Good-bye’s are never fun…

  1. jbredenhof says:

    Sweet! What a lovely picture! You ARE going to miss them. May God watch over each one of you as you continue/go your separate ways, even in your sorrow of missing these people. I wondered what was with those ‘flower children!!’

  2. Rob Schouten says:

    Good byes like that are never nice. May God comfort you in the absence of these good people.

  3. How small is our world> Their son Maurits lives here in Zwolle-Zuid. I know him very well.
    I once heard that in 5 steps (connections) you can have contact with every person in our world.

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