Bits and Bites…

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted again…

Last week Sunday there was a fire that burned some telephone wires which left us without phone lines (and therefore “Speedy” internet) until Tuesday.  The wires have since been repaired but it has left our internet with speeds that fluctuate from kinda low to really low to sorta low…  and you get the picture.

For days we had no rain and lots of heat and humidity.  I even watered my corn garden!  And then the heavens opened up and I was caught way on the other end of town on my motorcycle with no poncho to speak of and a substitute teaching committment at the high school…  ugghh…  At least my head stayed dry….

Marc caught the nasty bug that had Christiaan laid up and he missed about 4 days of school, poor guy.  Brynne and Chritstiaan have also come down with that weird virus called pityriasis rosea.  It says that the virus is not contagious even though multiple members of a family may have it at the same time.  So where does it come from???

On Oct 31 the kids got dressed up, except Marc who was sick, and trick’or treated at base.  Some of us grown-ups also dressed up.  Who doesn’t love dressing up?  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of Hugo who looked like a sleazy 80’s rocker with this black mullet wig on…  too bad!

It’s futsal season now and Mikah, Christiaan and Aidan are all playing on school teams.  Mikah and Aidan are keepers and Christiaan is a play-maker.  It’s great experience for them all!

Last week Friday was the annual Fun Fair.  Each class runs a booth or two and you can win candy for the different activities.  This year I only had to help out at Brynne’s booth which was the ping pong ball toss.  I didn’t get a photo of Aidan in the dunking booth as his turn cooincided with my slot at Brynne’s booth.  Christiaan’s class ran the Juke Box Jail and Mystery drink booths.  Normally high schoolers don’t participate, but the 8th grade asked the 9th grade to help them with their water mafia responsibilites.  You can sign people up to be doused with water.  Fun!  All the children of the national workers are also invited to the event so it’s quite busy and chaotic but fun for all!

Hugo had to wear his white shirt again last week when the gov’t inspectors came to check the two new aircraft (that just flew across the Pacific Ocean) to make sure that they are airworthy….  ahem…  There’s been a glitch in the paperwork, so even thought they’ve been approved, they will still sit for a month.  What’s new???

Finally, we have a new bunny named Opal.  Our old bunny, Oreo, went missing the day we returned from Canada and she was left out of her cage for 3 hours before we remembered we’d let her out.  6 weeks of being cooped up and she high-tailed it out of the yard.  The guinea pig belongs to some friends who are on furlough.  They are cute together aren’t they?


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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