R’s Graduation!

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R graduated today.  I can’t tell you how proud we are of her.  It’s been a long four years until this day.  She’s had to endure a lot!  Shortly after her husband passed away, she decided to go to University to become a teacher.  We encouraged her knowing her to be a very smart, very hardworking godly woman.  She had to endure professors who couldn’t believe that she, a Papuan, could get such good marks without cheating.  Then a child whom she had raised from infancy (adopted by her and her husband) was basically stolen back by the birth mother.  She didn’t tell R, she just went to the girls school and pretended to be her parent and took her out and whisked her to a city on the other side of the island.  This was devasting to R.  Today, out of the blue, the girl came with her mother.  R had no idea.  This is also the woman who tore down half of R’s house and built herself a concrete house after purchasing the land that the home is on from the tribe that owns the land.  (previously they had never been interested in selling land in that area)  This was shocking to R that the girl would be here!  She’s in the photo with Rode sitting on the floor.  I spoke a little with her.  She’s a quiet girl but did say that she remembered us.

This morning was the graduation ceremony.  There were around 300 graduates.  I was in Jayapura with Mikah and a friend and her daughter.  We’d stayed overnight there so I was unable to attend the ceremony. Hugo and the other kids went and took some photos and stayed for a bit becauseit was a really really long ceremony and super hot.  We were invited to a celebration party at R’s house, well, what’s left of it, this afternoon at 4:00.  We showed up at 4:30 and it started at 5:00.  Typical.  They had a couple tarps set up outside with some chairs under them, but then it poured.  The woman who built a house on the property, “graciously” allowed the guests to sit in her front room.  There weren’t many of us.  R’s pastor spoke, then prayed for R after which we ate a meal together.  It was a bit dark where you got your food and I mistakenly picked a chicken head instead of a leg…  oopss…

Please pray for R as it is really hard for her to see the girl she raised until age eleven and for her to forgive the mother for all that she’s done.  Especially  as the woman isn’t at all sorry in any way shape or form.

R is currently exploring her employment options and we’re super excited for her!  We’ll let you know when the decision is finalized and contracts are signed!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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One Response to R’s Graduation!

  1. d says:

    congrats to R, and we will keep her in our prayers!

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