Our trip to Raja Ampat!

Hugo and I were priviledged to have a dream come true and visit the beautiful Raja Ampat.  This is an area of Papua located at the beak of the bird’s head of the island.  We landed in the city of Sorong and from there took a 1.5 hour speed boat ride on the open ocean to the resort of Kri Eco.  We stayed in these neat bungalows situated over the water and each morning we were awoken by the sound of the kookabura singing amongst other birds chirping.  Each day we could chose whether or not we would go out on any of the three dive/snorkel trips scheduled.  As we were on an island, it was very quiet and we could just relax and read books and enjoy the scenery.  We went on a number of trips.  One of the most memorable was a trip we made to a manta ray feeding ground.  They came up quite close to us!  Amazing animals!  Then we had a snack on the jetty on the island and there happened to be an IMAX team filming a movie about Raja Ampat there.  There was a Canadian woman on a boat called the Kalabia that travels around the islands in the area teaching the people about conservation.  She was helping with the filming.  We also made a trip to the Fam islands.  That was an all day trip that included three snorkel/dive sites.  We had lunch in a lagoon after puttering around and checking out the amazing rock islands and the cool blue water.  As I do get a bit sea sick while snorkeling in the waves, I asked to be dropped off on deserted beaches with my kindle while the others dove/snorkelled.  It was wonderful!  Raja Ampat is truly one of the best, if not the best, place in the world to snorkel/dive!  The resort was also lovely.  Each day we were treated to lots of yummy Indonesian dishes cooked by the ladies.  They thought it was cool that we could speak Bahasa with them.  The other folks staying at the resort at the same time as us were all European, leaving me the only non-European born person there.  It was neat to get to know them as well.  What a blessing to be able to take some time off and enjoy God’s amazing creation!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Our trip to Raja Ampat!

  1. cecile says:

    The photos are absolutely stunning – thanks for sharing!
    How is ‘Y” doing?

  2. Kees and Ria VV says:

    Hi Hugo ,
    Hearfelt congratulations with your birthday. May the Lord to continue to protect and guide you and your family in the coming year…. Greetings , Casey Van Vliet

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