Bits and Bites…

As the internet is again cooperating (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record!) I am able to update you all again on our exciting lives…

While we were in Raja Ampat, Mikah spent two weeks in the interior village of Mamit, located up in the mountains.  There is a missionary couple working there and they have worked there for a number of years already.  He is the son of a missionary who was killed by another people group interior back in the 1950’s (?).  Amazing story!  Each year the entire high school goes interior for two weeks for what’s called Outdoor Education (OE).  They are divided into groups and given different tasks to do.  Each group also hikes to another nearby village for a few nights as well.  Mikah’s group helped carry a 180 meter long pipe from Mamit to another village.  This pipe is to be used in their hydroelectric system.  It was a difficult hike through the mountains and then carrying such a long pipe!  Mikah’s group also did a presentation on HIV/AIDS.  This was an amazing experience for all the kids and Mikah absolutely loved it including the night she spent in a local hut called a honai.  Unfortunately, many of the kids came home sick; Mikah is fighting a nasty cold.  All the kids were flown in and out by our stellar MAF pilots.

Y is doing great.  While I was gone his care was continued with the help of our neighbour for whom he also works as a gardener.  He used my old crutches for a while but is now able to get around without them although still has some knee pain.  The wounds on his face, hand, and knee have all healed completely.  The biggest wound, the one on his stump, is on the way to being fully healed.  I am convinced that had my friend R not gotten involved and cared for him, there would have been a good chance he’d have lost that foot.  The accident occurred on a Monday and he was told to return to the hospital on Thursday.  This is a normal time-frame for a stitched wound.  However, due to the amount of bleeding the wound required care much sooner than normal.  We decided to go to the hospital on the Thursday as requested and see what the doctor would say about the stitches.  As it turns out, Thursday was a national holiday and the polyclinic was closed.  The Doc in the ER told us just to come back the next day when the clinic was to be open again as he was sure we wouldn’t want him to change the bandage in the ER as it was so dirty and Y would likely get an infection…  (the Doc had no idea that Y had been receiving outside care)  I have been to this ER a number of times in the past and it is currently looking worse than ever.  Most of the windows have been broken; some have wood nailed over the openings and some not.  It is indeed dirty and there are no longer curtains for privacy between “beds”.  Sad…  We decided not to bother with returning the following day and just continued to see R for care.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the sleepovers that they had while we were gone.  It was nice for them to have some fun with their friends.  Brynne of course came down with a nasty cold while we were gone and she’s still fighting it.

Currently our amphib airplane is in the hangar for a regular inspection and the plan is for Hugo to go back to Merauke with the pilot and spend a day flying with him once the inspection is completed.  Lucky guy!

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Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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