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Mikah turned 15 last week!  I can’t help but feel just a big step closer to grandparenthood now…  Ok, a little dramatic, but still, when did this happen???!!!  Mikah has grown into a lovely, generous, kind, soft-hearted, believing young woman.  We are very proud of her!

Living in a developing country where there isn’t much that you’d actually want to spend money on for your children, what do you do for their birthdays?  After all, it’s a bit challenging to know a year or two in advance what size clothing your teenager will wear and what sorts of things they will be interested in.  So we focus on food when it is someone’s birthday.  Brynne was home with the chicken pox so she helped me make really pretty cupcakes and we brought them up to Mikah at lunch so she could share them with her friends.  For her official “cake” I made chocolate trifle.  I used two precious Dream Whip packages from the mother land along with some real milk chocolate chips.  Homemade chocolate pudding is a cinch and of course wacky cake.  Mikah requested lasagna for dinner.  I make this dish about twice a year due to the fact that it is rather labour-intensive to produce.  We were fortunate because on the very day of her birthday, mozzarella reappeared in one of the shops in town after weeks of it not being available.  Brynne and I zipped down on my motorbike and nabbed some before it was all gone!  I made ricotta cheese from scratch using milk powder.  Then I boiled up a local spinachy type vegetable to mix with the ricotta.  Beef has been absurdly costly these days so I used just a little and made a vegetarian sauce to go with it.  Finally, I made noodles from scratch.  Not difficult to do, just time consuming.  The end result (as pictured above) was a scrumptious labour of love!

Last Friday grades two and three hosted the all-school chapel.  Brynne is very comfortable on stage even without having had a lot of practice due to the chicken pox.  The focus was on being a good friend to everyone in accordance with God’s word.  Marc’s class had made a video of a boy (played by Marc) who was going around the playground asking the various groups of kids playing if he could join them.  No group was willing to allow him to join.  Finally he went down to the eating area and a boy invited him to draw with him.  Marc’s performance was oscar-worthy.  He has the hang-dog expression down to a “T”!  At the end the two grades went up together and sang some cute friendship songs. 


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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4 Responses to Birthday…

  1. PaMa says:

    Please no great-grandparents yet

  2. rosebred says:

    You’re a great mom putting all that labour into her special day. 🙂 at the above comment.

  3. jbredenhof says:

    Not sure if you posted the right year’s worth of pictures — the ones I looked at were from 2011, and there were some of Erica and Hugo lookin’ real mean, as part of a lacrosse team or something!! Also, the food pictures looked yummy, but they weren’t about lasagna. You must know that lasagna is always labor intensive!? But, before I forget — Happy Birthday Micah! And congratulations to the Mom and Dad and the rest of the family. Sounds like it was a goooood day!

  4. Lovely… I remember that you came to visit us in Roodeschool, that must have been almost 15 years ago than, because you came with Baby Mikah..Congrats on your 15 year anniversary of motherhood…

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