Good Friday…

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Yesterday was Good Friday.  Such an important day for us all to remember.  Without the events of that particular day, none of us would have any hope!  Along the main street in town someone has placed black crosses with a purple scarf at regular intervals in the median of the road.  We live in a country where the majority of the people believe that their salvation is something they need to earn.  Pray with us for all these lost folks!

Our church likes to take these holiday opportunities to get together and go somewhere special.  Most people work six days a week so it is difficult to get together as a church outside of the worship service.  So on Good Friday we went to the beach.  We also chose this day knowing that most other churches would probably go on one of the other days as they would need a day to plan.  We had a short worship service on the beach where we remembered that when Christ died he was forsaken by God, for us!  After that we played together and ate together.  It was a beautiful day together at the beach.

I’ve included a couple photographs to show you what sorts of road/bridges we need to traverse in order to reach our destination.  The recent flooding has done some serious damage to the road in many spots.  Sometimes it’s just large potholes, in other spots the sides of the road are simply eroding away, dangerously so.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter weekend!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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3 Responses to Good Friday…

  1. Kees and Ria VV says:

    Good (Saturday) Morning Hugo,Erica ,kids…Thank you for your Good Friday message.Back home we also received a beautiful Good Friday message relating to John 19-34. It should be posted on the chuches website. If you are able to get to our website , please listento the sermon.
    Hope all will be well with you this Easter weekend . When we were in Israel last fall , we visited the site where potentially the tomb of Jesus was . Upon leaving the tomb,there a sign, it says — He is not here, He has risen . May we thankfuly remember that this Sunday.
    Looking forward to our Skype coming friday, B.C. time at 5.00 p.m.
    Greeting to all of you , Casey Van Vliet

  2. Kees and Ria VV says:

    Hi Hugo,
    Skype time is this Friday at 7.00 p.m
    Please confirm ,
    Thanks, Casey V

  3. jbredenhof says:

    That was great that you were able to spend time with your church family. Looks like you were cooking chicken on the fire for lunch — mmm good! Looks like Hugo was having a ‘flippin’ ‘ good time in the water with the kids. Guess nobody can do that back to him eh? We wish you all the Lord’s goodness on your family, your health and your labours.
    GRACE: God’s riches at Christ’s expense!

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