Bits and Bites…

The week before last Christiaan and I went to Singapore.  The main reason we went is for his annual hearing test and new earmolds.  Seeing as we were already there anyways, I took the opportunity to see an orthopaedic surgeon about my nagging neck and knee pains.  Singapore is amazing really.  I showed up for my 3:00 appointment and within a half hour was having x-rays done on my neck and knees.  They would have done an MRI right then and there as well, but I sorta wanted to run that by our insurance before going ahead.  So the next morning right at 8:30 I had an MRI done on my neck.  Things happen so fast you can barely keep up with them!  Turns out I have three slightly slipped discs in my neck.  I’ve since been able to consult with a physiotherapist, an MAF wife who lives on the other side of the island and just happened to be in town last week, and she gave me some exercises to do…  Like I wanted more of that.  Ugghh…  But so far, admittedly, they have been helping!

Christiaan and I were there for only three nights and then we moved onto Jakarta where we stayed overnight with some great friends.  It was so great to catch up with them!  Haven’t seen them since our last trip to Singapore over a year ago.  Unfortunately, the flights back to Papua usually happen in the middle of the night.  So you leave 9:00 pm Jakarta time and arrive in Sentani at 7:00 am Sentani time. (Sentani is 2 hours ahead)  Sleeping while sitting upright with a gimped neck is not optimal.  Then, when we claimed our luggage off the conveyor belt, they slammed the door shut and our Action Packer wasn’t there.  Panic!  It had all the good stuff in it!  Like the chocolate and presents etc that I’d bought…  Much to our relief, it showed up the next day in great condition.

While we were gone, Marc came down with chicken pox so he missed school all of last week.  Poor guy!  Due to being vaccinated, like Brynne, his case was a mild one.

Last week someone put black crosses with purple sashes on them all along the median of the main road here in town.  It’s very interesting to note that while we live in a country where that particular cross is only meaningful to around 4% of the population, not a single cross (to my knowledge) has been vandalized.  I would hazard to guess that that would not be the case should that display have been made in my home country.

On Sunday we had our Easter service with our church and then had a late lunch with friends.  It was delicious and gezellig!  Hugo and I marinated and barbequed a pork loin for the first time ever.  So yum!  Don’t think that I just waltzed over to the grocery store and picked myself out a nice pork loin.  No way.  Pork meat is sold here at the market and you just pick pieces out of a hacked up animal and there’s always fat and skin still attached.  This pork loin that we had came all the way from Bali, ordered through the senior class at the high school.

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Last Friday was the last regular season game for the basketball teams.  As per tradition it was parents vs kids.  Hugo played against Christiaan’s team and I joined the ladies against Mikah’s team.  So fun!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Bits and Bites…

  1. jbredenhof says:

    Pretty artistic cupcakes, Mikah! Probably took less time for them to be popped into various mouths than it took to decorate, I bet. Erica, you can still scoot around on the basketball court despite a gimpy neck?! Must be hard to keep a good player outta the game. Glad to hear your Action Packer (must be a duffle bag or something?) showed up with ‘all the good stuff’ intact!

  2. doulanic says:

    I’m still reading each post Erica …. but wanted to stop by and say hi this time! Glad to hear things are going well ….despite chicken pox. Dang eh! Happy Birthday to Mikah as well! Hope you’re finding some relief regarding your neck!! Take care …. Happy Easter!

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