Bits and Bites…

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It’s been a bit since I last posted…  Ahem…

A couple weeks ago it was R’s birthday and we had her and Rode over to celebrate and made her favorite meal which is pizza.  Mikah made yummy brownies for dessert.

Finally got a photo of the collapsed bridge just outside of town.  Crazy huh?  They just dumped loads of gravel and rocks on it and have been using it ever since.  You can see that water pipe got completely bent out of shape as well.  The temporary bridge is eroding on the sides so they have it down to one lane and the other lane goes over a bridge made out of tree trunks with slats laid across.  The roads around here are getting so bad I frequently feel like I’m off-roading when I’m out driving.

The other Friday Mikah’s class hosted a roller-night up at the school and served their burrito meal.  Aidan won the ripstick race and Christiaan won the roller-blading race.

On Friday the newest students of Papua Harapan School came for a tour of the MAF hangar.  They are the cutest bunch and all the boys want to be pilots of course.

In the wee hours of the morning last Saturday, Hugo and I got up and hopped on our bikes to join the Hollandia Mountain Bike Community.  Most Saturday’s this group gets together and bikes a pre-agreed upon route.  They usually leave in three separate groups, slow ones first, then medium and fast ones last.  This day we first biked out to a dock on the lake and then biked on “side roads” through town and out to the end of the runway.  We had a 737 take off right over our heads!  Then we followed a new taxiway that they are building around to the other side of the airport and then headed home.  We were gone about 3 hours and biked about 2.5 of those.  It was so neat to see parts of the city we’d never seen before.  Next time I may take my camera instead of just my phone…

Today was Aidan’s 12th birthday.  His meal of choice was pizza, salad and chocolate trifle for dessert.  And he had a couple neighbour friends come for dinner too!  We love our big cuddly guy.  He’s such a generous, tender-hearted, creative boy.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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