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Mostly we bring standard items into interior villages like rice, ramen noodles (known here as supermie), Bibles, cement, zinc etc…  But every now and then we have some unusual loading and sometimes that unusual loading means creative loading.  Recently our pilots flew in a canoe for some missionaries working interior.  There are a lot of rivers in their area so they are excited about the possibilities the canoe will bring to their work.  We also flew in a goat for a family living in a different village.  They cannot get a lot of food locally there so they are hoping the goats milk will supplement their village diet.

We try to meet with our female national workers monthly for lunch.  Sometimes we do something of a fun nature and sometimes we do something more on the spiritual end of things.  Recently we met and talked a bit about the book “Love and Respect”. Meeting like this has given us an opportunity to get to know the national ladies a little better.  They’re a great group!  There were a few who couldn’t make our lunch so there are more than are pictured in the photo.

Before the floatplane took the canoe interior it was in the hangar here for inspection.  Hugo took that shot of a group of guys inspecting the floats.

Hugo just came back this morning from having been in Tarakan, Kalimantan for the week.  They don’t have a licensed avionics guy over there so when there are bi-annual checks that need to be made, Hugo’s their man.  It’s a cool opportunity for Hugo to get off the island, and see another program and meet with other fellow MAF’ers.  There’s a couple Canucks working in that program including Karl Vanderlinde.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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