Life on the mission field in a developing country…

* You’ve probably experienced family game night by candlelight.

* Your kids play includes: “I’ll pretend to have malaria and you make my blood slide…”  or ” I’m the mom and you’re the pembantu (househelper).”

* The local pool rules include “No coconuts in the pool.”

* You wash and re-use Ziplock bags.

* You’ve made vanilla extract from scratch.

* You’ve had someone come to your door with a tree kangaroo in his backpack which he attempts to sell to you.

* You’ve consumed both expired medicines and food.

* You know how to treat worms, amoeba, malaria and dengue fever…

* You’ve had an alligator in your driveway…

* Your church has a leaky roof and no bathroom.

* Your anniversary dinner is at one of the nicest restaurants around, a half hours drive away, Pizza Hut.

* Special gifts are purchased online and schlepped across the ocean by kindly folks.

* You have a 25 kg bag of flour in your freezer.

* You become a bit of a hoarder…

* You want Dorito’s so bad you can almost taste them even though the nearest bag is a 1000 kilometers away…

* You get new clothes when people leave the mission field and sell all their old stuff.

* You feel like you’re always saying good-bye to someone…  😦

IMG_20130519_194358 IMG_20130523_111144


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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3 Responses to Life on the mission field in a developing country…

  1. What’s in the Vodka bottle, Erica?

  2. caroline says:

    yup…I can definitely relate! How about: you check your house for snakes when coming back from an outing; you boil your water to take a shower; you wash all your clothes by hand in cold water; you call home once every few weeks via satelite phone; the first thing you do when coming to a mission home in a big city is take a long shower and then head to the nearest internet cafe where they have airconditioning! And I could go on and on and on….

  3. Hahaha… I can relate to so many of them. Not so much in South Africa though. Living here is pretty luxurious… Although… I am just back from a trip to Holland and I was almost embarrassed at the content of my suitcase. You would think that you can’t buy anything in South Africa!

    PS: isn’t homemade vanilla extract the best?!

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