I’ve been putting off posting about something for a while.  It’s tough to deal with disappointment, especially when it has to do with someone you’ve been helping for a while.  This year R decided to pull her daughter out of the school she’d been going to.  We’d been helping her with school payments for the past two years and were feeling very excited about her daughters opportunity to attend this school which is the best school aside from the International school here.  The reasons for her decision need not be made known except the fact that her daughter is ten and was in grade three.  It was hard for her to accept that she was in a class with kids a couple years older than her. R’s mother had a very difficult upbringing.  Her parents were separated, and her mother abused her.  R had to obey her mother no matter what.  So when her own daughter begged to be able to go into a higher grade, she didn’t want to be like her mother.  She gave in.  I spoke many times with R in an attempt to change her mind but to no avail.  She wants to do the right thing for her daughter and it’s so hard to see her doing what we think is the wrong thing.  I want to thank those of you who sponsored her daughter over the years.  Your help was very much appreciated and the two years that she went to this school have made an impact on her life.

At the beginning of the year I had hired a new house helper.  She was a young woman with two children whose husband lived on the other side of the island.  Their relationship was not good as he had a habit of getting drunk and hitting her.  After a month and a half he suddenly phoned her to tell her that he’d gotten a job and he wanted her and the kids to come live with him and he’d already purchased plane tickets for them.  I reassured her that her relationship with her husband was more important than my need for a helper.  She then found me a new helper.  Ibu D has worked for westerners for many years, has eight children and a husband who isn’t around.  Her oldest child recently graduated from the nursing program and her youngest is five years old.  I’m so thankful for this woman.  I couldn’t do without her.  Zeus, our dog, absolutely loves her as well.

A couple weeks ago the elementary/middle school had their annual fun night.  Each class runs a booth or two and the children of all the national workers are invited to attend and participate.  This year Christiaan’s class got to be the water mafia.  They doused people with water upon the requests of others.  Aidan’s class ran the jukebox jail, where you sign up friends/family to sing, and the mystery drink booth where you could get a drink at your own risk.  Marc’s class ran the paper airplane booth and Brynne’s class ran the marbles in the pool booth.  It’s always a chaotic event with lots of water and candy!

Earlier that same day I had the opportunity to teach a group of 20 Papuan adults from the interior all about Canada.  I brought a couple hockey sticks, maple flakes to try, and Canadian coins to look at.  All of them now want to visit Canada of course!

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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One Response to Life…

  1. Anneke says:

    Thanks for taking time to write this, I always appreciate your stories. I understand your disappointment with R, as I am often in the same situation. Will pray for peace,
    love from South Africa.

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