Y graduates…

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A couple weeks ago Y came to us with an invitation to his graduation which was to occur the following day.  This is normal.  Wedding invitations are also usually given out only one or two days before the event and you are expected to clear your schedule.  Each graduate was allowed to invite two people to come and take part in the meal following the ceremony.  Remembering how R’s ceremony went last year, I quickly told Y to give the invite he wanted me to have, to his sister instead.  The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 10:00.  Hugo and I arrived at 12:30 and the speeches were just beginning.  Not being able to hang around and wait, I decided to just enter the hall and walk up the side and look for Y.  Some official looking folks helped me and it turned out that Y was in the very last row at the back right on the side of the centre aisle.  Too funny.  I went over to him and he was sound asleep.  I poked him awake, took a couple blurry photos before a man smelling of spirits informed me that I couldn’t take photos until later.  He was quickly moved on by the real security but by then I was on my way out as well.  Outside the hall were booths where you could have an “official” graduation photo taken.  Families milled around and sat in whatever shade they could find while waiting for their loved ones to receive their diplomas.  Hugo and I made our way back to work and home.

We are super proud of Y for sticking with it and finishing strong.  He had to deal with some adversity, namely the issue of not being able to wear shoes until we were able to help him with that; but still he persevered.  Y is really a village boy who came out here just 4 years ago or so.  I’m not sure that having his bachelor’s in music will really change his life much, but still, he did it!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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