* Last week Hugo went to Kalimantan for a couple days to do some avionics work for them.  Unfortunately, no one took a photo of him so I have no evidence that he was actually there.  :0)

* Right now Mikah and the rest of the high school is interior for the next 12 days.  They will be in three different places, Soba, Holuwon and Ninia during their time there.  This is the area made famous in the book “Lords of the Earth” by Don Richardson.  The high school is split into groups and each group will be responsible for different projects, kids club and HIV/Aids awareness talks.

* A few weeks ago Y’s motorcycle was seized in a sweeping because he doesn’t have proper ownership papers for it.  We feel that he should not have purchased the bike if the person selling it did not have the proper paperwork.  But I think the price was too good for him to pass up.  A couple weeks ago he went to the police station to check on his bike and it was gone.  He has no proof of ownership so there’s no way he’s ever getting his bike back.  Poor guy.  We are kind of curious how it went missing from the police station however….

* On Saturday Hugo went to the home of Ibu Y, the widow from our church.  He took one of his avionics guys from the hangar along with so he could learn some more about wiring.  The plan is to rewire her home and get her hooked up to her new hydro meter.  At the moment, she gets her power from another home along with about four other homes.  Much of the wiring in her home is speaker wire.  She has a fridge and a freezer which she uses to sell cold/frozen items from her kiosk.  The circuit breaker frequently trips, and it is no wonder with that many homes on one meter.  The home she lives in is in a government subsidized area.  It is one of the places where you can buy a home and know for sure you are getting the proper land paperwork.  As Hugo was reaching up on the top of her wall (there are no ceilings in her home) a large chunk of concrete came off.  Developers are notorious for cheaping out on materials when building.  Many people here buy a home in one of those subsidized areas, tear it down, and rebuild a proper home.  Ibu Y is living in a home owned by relatives of her late ex-husband.  Rebuilding isn’t an option.  However, we hope that we can help her out a bit with her little business so that she can save up enough to buy her own home.  The job turned out to be a little more than the guys had anticipated so an additional day of work is needed.  Hopefully I can take some photos then.

* It is already near the end of February and we are planning to leave for furlough on May 28th.  That’s in only three months time.  We feel a sense of anxiousness as we are dealing with a lot of details regarding furlough, while also dealing with the recent diagnosis of Hugo’s father with lung cancer.  It is very difficult to be so far away at times like this.  We know that all is in the hands of our Heavenly Father but as humans we still want to take control.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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