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The big news is that a week ago, Mikah turned 16!  Not sure how that happened!  It truly seems just like yesterday that she was going into kindergarten here in Sentani.  Due to crazy schedules, we did her birthday dinner the evening before (grilled fajitas) and her birthday breakfast, the morning after her birthday (breakfast burritos).  I also made her a mint chocolate brownie cheesecake.  Yum…

Recently the elementary/middle school had International Day.  We could visit each of their classrooms and see the presentations they had prepared for the country their class or group had chosen.

This week Hugo and I went to Jayapura for a couple nights.  It was nice to just get away from the busyness of life.  We enjoyed relaxing by the pool and eating food I didn’t have to cook.  🙂

There is a crazy new bypass road that’s just been carved out of the mountain.  It feels a little reminiscent of a roller coaster.  Parts of the road are asphalt and parts are cement and it never really feels like they made it wide enough.  It was quite a ride!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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One Response to Update…

  1. jbredenhof says:

    As always, your pictures are worth a thousand words, Erica!
    The mint brownie cheesecake looks good enough to eat – and I’m sure you all did!
    Nice that you and Hugo managed/carved out some time to get away together for a bit — I’m sure that was worth every second of it!
    The kids did great projects. (I’m always amazed how many t-shirts from here, there and everywhere you must have saved up for just such occasions! Neat how they get right into things and sort of dress the part.)
    Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow (or would that already be today for you folks over there on the other side of the Int’l Date Line?)

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