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Life has been doing as it always does, and that is zip on by…  To remember what has happened in our lives, I go back to the photographs I’ve taken.  Kinda sad eh?  Our lives are very full so it’s hard to remember all that has happened!  Full and blessed!

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending a one night ladies retreat.  One of the expat ladies that lives interior spoke to us about the theme, Clothed in Majesty.  Included in the retreat was a dinner at the side of the pool of the local Travellers Hotel and the night in one of the rooms.  After dinner we had a silly/international fashion show.  I borrowed a dress from a lovely lady from the Philipines (not the woman I am pictured next to).  It was a fun weekend of fellowship and spiritual renewal.

Also a couple weeks ago, the kids had Monday off school so we and some friends headed to the dock to jump and swim.  We took the dog along and he had fun swimming with the kids.

Last week the governor and his wife stopped by the school to check in.  Their son is in C’s class.  I had been subbing that morning so took the opportunity to meet them and get a photo with them.

One part of being an MAF family is hosting folks from out of town for meals.  Recently a film crew from South Africa was in town doing some filming for a video about MAF.  We had them over for dinner.  It is always neat to have the opportunity to meet folks from other parts of the world!

We are heading into elections here in Indonesia.  The elections are for representatives to the Indonesian Parliament.  There’s been a fair bit of campaigning going on.  Campaigning involves driving around in large groups with flags on your car or motorbike, and honking a lot.  Maybe there are speeches made, I’m not sure.  What is interesting is that a disproportionately high number of the candidates running for seats to represent Papua, don’t actually reside in Papua, but mostly in Jakarta.  Not sure how they can effectively be a voice for the people when they don’t even live here.  There’s also a lot of outrageous promises being made.  These can be seen on the banners hung around town.  “Free transportation for Everyone!”  No explanation as to how that will happen…  Tomorrow is election day, pray for a peaceful day!  Yesterday the president decided that everyone should have the day off tomorrow.

Also a couple weeks ago the basketball seasons ended with the traditional parents/teachers vs students games.  Always a fun evening!  So thankful that Hugo and I are able to play with our kids!


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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