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On April 29th Aidan joined the ranks of teenagers when he turned 13.  He requested pizza and chocolate trifle for his birthday dinner.  Yum!

A couple weeks ago we had two students from the Titip school stay with us for the weekend.  The son and daughter of our friends were also staying with us and the two little girls kept the two big girls entertained the entire weekend.

A few weeks ago one of the teachers from Papua Harapan school got married.  R and I went to the reception which was held in the evening.  There were a couple speeches, the happy couple cut the three-tiered cake and then fed a piece to each other.  Later they also threw a bouquet to all the unmarried guests.  At that point you could go up and take your photo with the couple.  Then we could hit the buffet table.

The renovations on our church building continue.  For the last four weeks or so we’ve been meeting for church in our home but this week we can meet in our own building again.  Doesn’t the red roof look sweet?  A couple weeks ago the Sunday school kids sang a song for us after the church service.

Each year some of the middle school teachers plan what is called the eighth grade sneak.  The plans are top secret and the parents help with planning and packing bags for the kids.  This year the PE teacher told the kids to go up to one of the dorms to get some supposed floor mats that needed to be returned.  All of us parents were in the dorm waiting for the kids with their packed bags.  They were surprised!  Then they all piled into two vehicles and headed to Jayapura where they did a photo scavenger hunt at the mall followed by dinner together and then they all slept at a guesthouse owned by one of the missions working here.  The next morning they went to the lake where a couple families had their boats and took the kids tubing and knee boarding.

There are two intersections in town with street lights.  At one of these intersections (both are three way intersections) the lights are no longer functioning.  It doesn’t seem as though anyone is working on fixing them so each time you go through the intersection it feels like you are, in the words of my neighbour, playing chicken.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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