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A couple weeks ago we dedicated our newest plane.  Our prayer is that it will be of great benefit to the people of Papua and aid in the spreading of the Gospel.  There were lots of great photo ops.  Now we wait for the paperwork allowing us to actually use the plane.

The work on our road continues in ernest.  They are even going so far as to replace the broken water pipes under the road.  They really should have laid hollow steel pipes and run the water pipes through them but that costs more money…

A week ago we went to the lake with friends.  We hired a boat to take us for a ride and to a picnic spot.  On the way back he took us by a statue of Jesus that is in the process of being made.  Quite impressive.  Not really helpful in any way, but impressive.

Lately Brynne and her friend Z have been playing with some local kids, including one who is our guards niece.  They taught them hide and seek and Duck, Duck, Goose.  They also love to play on our swing set.

I’ve started teaching English to a group of 10 adult Indonesians.  It’s been a fun new challenge for me and they are all eager to learn!



About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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2 Responses to Life…

  1. jbredenhof says:

    Congratulations on the arrival and the dedication of the new plane! Yes, may it fly many, many missions in safety. Good to hear that work is progressing on your road — will it look like the picture of the paved road in the future? May God bless all your labors done in God’s name and to his glory.

  2. audrey says:

    Congratulations on the new plane! Woo hoo! Such a great picture of it being dedicated. And the road being completed too – just so much excitement! blessings to you all!

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