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A few weeks ago Sinterklaas made a visit to Papua.  He had to come a bit early because some of the Dutch folks in town were heading interior before the 5th.  Thankfully Sinterklaas is an obliging kinda fellow.  It was fun to get together with other Dutch folks and enjoy some gezelligheid and yummy food.  We made poffertjes and our friends made other Dutch goodies.  We asked Ibu Y from our church to cook some delicious Indonesian food.  In the photo above she is making sambal with a mortar and pestle – yum!

Aidan’s class visited the village of their Indonesian teacher.  This village is on Lake Sentani and is famous for its pottery.  We had to take boats to get there and when we arrived, they were not ready for us.  In fact the ladies that were supposed to do a pottery demonstration were at the airport waiting to go to Jakarta.  One of the village guys recruited a couple other ladies to come up and help out.  The kids had fun playing with the clay and the pottery wheels.

The last photo is of my English students in clss.  It’s exciting to see them improve each week!

Last night the elementary school choir performed some fun songs for us.  Unfortunately, Marc was sick and has been since the day after his birthday on Monday.  Poor guy.  There is a strange virus going around and it seems he and Christiaan have fallen victim to it.

In the hangar things continue to motor on as usual.  One of Hugo’s co-workers has just left for furlough and another has moved to a different program in country and a third will go on furlough next month.  This will make Hugo’s job very challenging.  He has been doing some teaching lately to help the guys in the hangar prepare for Indonesian Aviation Maintenance License tests.  With Math being a poorly taught subject in school, the guys have a lot to learn.  Hugo is also helping one of the guys with his English once a week.

Last week the kids had a week off of school due to a teacher conference in Korea.  We took the opportunity to go to Jayapura and the beach with friends.

Finally, our road has been completely paved from top to bottom and it is a pure joy to drive up and down it now.  Except when a drunk holding a large rock stops you….



About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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