Outdoor Education…

OE is when the entire high school decends upon an interior village for nearly two weeks.  This year they went to Kosarek.  Kosarek is up in the mountains so the weather was cool and rainy.  This years theme was “Living Water”.  They brought in water tanks and other supplies so that they could install a water tank at each local church in the area to catch rain water to provide the local people with drinking water.  They put Bible verses in the local language on each tank.  The high school was divided into 8 groups and the groups went to surrounding villages in pairs on foot.  At each village they installed the water tanks, did kids club and HIV/Aids awareness presentations and showed the Jesus film.  They also brought in smallpox vaccines as there had been reports about a smallpox epidemic going through the area.  Thankfully they only saw a couple people who actually had it but they were able to vaccinate quite a few kids.  During clinic times the highschoolers also gave local people vitamin A capsules and worm meds to help them be healthy.  Most highschoolers also had the opportunity to sleep in a local hut called a honai.  Christiaan’s group was one of the few that didn’t.  He was happy about that.  Mikah’s did and the fire was put out to get rid of the smoke but then the girls froze.  Each day in the main village the kids took turns making meals, playing with local kids, working on the runway, painting buildings and being taught by the Bible teacher.

After a week of sleeping on hard floors, eating rice three times a day, bathing only occasionally in the freezing cold river, and being away from family, the kids were ready to come home.  I made pizza for their first meal.  The next day we had hamburgers, fries and onion rings as Christiaan turned 14 while on OE.  I did manage to get homemade cookies and a card to the kids while they were interior.  🙂

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The photos are courtesy of Mark and Kelly Hewes and Mikah.


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Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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