I’m happy to say that since the hydro cable was moved, our power has been quite good.  Just a few shorter power outages since then.  Nothing to get too excited about, it’s good to run the generator every now and then any-ways right?

Did I mention that school is out?  But we have not been sitting on our laurels doing nothing!

A couple weeks ago our church celebrated its twelfth anniversary and the sixtieth birthday of our pastor.  We had a little party after the church service and had lunch and cake together.  Our pastor’s physical health has been good but his ability to concentrate hasn’t been good since he was very ill last year.  In light of that and the fact that he is now sixty, he decided to retire.  There are not many pastors in our little federation here so we may be in a prolonged period without a shepherd.  Please pray for the GGRI churches here in Papua that they may see a resurgence of believing young men desiring to serve as shepherds.

Last week there was an English camp for students from the big University in Abe.  Mikah went each day to help out.

Marc had an exciting experience.  His good buddy L lives interior with his family where they work with the local people there.  L invited Marc to come and visit.  Now flights into that area are not super frequent so it took some planning but in the end it worked out.  Marc flew to Wamena first where he stayed for two nights with good friends of ours and he enjoyed hanging out with the boys on the MAF base there.  Then he flew into the village with an MAF family that was also going there for the weekend.  He came back home on a plane that had brought some fuel drums into the village.  He had a neat time with his buddy and came home with a new bow and arrow set, string bag, and pig tusk.

There’s a new waterpark in a city about 45 minutes drive away.  So we took a day to check it out.  It’s small but nice and the kids had a great day together with friends.

The next day Christiaan, Aidan, Brynne and their neighbour friends prepared and sold pancakes, eggs and toast at the MAF base.  Their clientèle was varied with base kids and MAF workers coming to enjoy the food.  It was a good experience for the kids to work together and make a little bit of money.

The week before last we had one of our quarterly half day of prayers at MAF.  We met together at 11:00 to sing and listen to a presentation by a national evangelist from one of the mountain people groups.  He was an interesting and funny guy.  Did you ever think about how someone who has never seen a fish bigger then their hand would think about Jonah being in the belly of a fish?  Or how they might perceive a boat big enough to hold many animals and Noah and his family.  Some of the villages made big fish and boats out of tree branches to get an idea of what they might be like.  It was very interesting to see the differences between the villages ideas.  At the end of his talk, Pak N and his wife sang a song for us in their native tongue.

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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