Mikah has moved one step closer to independence.  Now that she is 17, she can get her drivers license here.  Our car is standard we sit on the right side so you shift with your left hand and that’s just going to take her some time to learn.  In the meantime, we’ve acquired a “new” to us motorcycle and last Friday we went to the police station so Mikah could do her tests.  First we filled in a form then she had her photo and finger prints taken.  Then she had to do a computer test.  I was allowed to sit by her and translate for her.  The man in charge of the testing didn’t even stay in the room the entire time.  I did my best to only translate.  Then she had to do her practical test.  This was a series of three driving manoeuvres.  The first was the zig zag, then the figure 8 and then a tight u-turn and all had to be accomplished without putting your foot down on the ground.  I’m not sure why that is important.  I’ve been driving motorbike here for 8 years and I couldn’t do the zig zag without putting my foot down once.  Neither could Mikah but that didn’t matter.  The man in charge said he was going to help us and gave her her license any way.  Then we went to a little room where they took Mikah’s blood pressure and asked if she could see numbers in spotted pictures.  After paying 20,000 rupiahs we moved onto the first room again where her license was finalized and printed.  Yay!!!

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Friday night I was out and Hugo was home with the kids.  Mikah was in the kitchen and the others were relaxing in air-conditioning in the back.  Suddenly some kids came to the door yelling that a robber had taken Hugo’s motorbike and was pushing it down the road.  Hugo ran out to see if he could catch the guy.  In the meantime, our guard happened to come back from down the hill on his motorbike and met the same kids who told him the story.  He went down a different road to see and he found the guy with Hugo’s motorbike, trying to get it started.  He cautiously approached the guy, wary as many who steal carry knives.  The guy looked up at him and may have realized that he was our guard and ran off.  Hugo made his way up that same road and they pushed his bike home.  I checked our new motorbike and it was evident he had tried to take it first but we have it locked to a metal hook in our concrete pad with a thick bike lock so he was unable to steal it.  So new rules around here.  Both bikes locked at all times and the gates locked as soon as it is dark.  It is unbelievable how this guy dared walk in with Mikah sitting in the kitchen.  The dogs were in the back room and had barked but couldn’t do much as they were inside.  It’s hard to feel entirely comfortable now as it is evident we are being targeted by those eager to make a quick buck.


About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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