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It’s been a fun and busy Christmas season again.  Christmas day found us having a delicious brunch with lovely friends and Christmas Eve we had a church service in our house again.  It’s just so much more gezelig than in our church building.  A representative from each family lit a candle and after the sermon the Sunday school kids sang a song.  Afterwards we ate a meal together for which my contribution was some roast chickens.

Christmas day we visited the home of R’s neighbour and she was there was well.  R’s daughter celebrated Christmas with relatives on the other side of the island.  This is the local tradition here, to visit people in their homes on Christmas day and eat some food together.  The neighbour, Y, has some older children and her two oldest daughters were there was well, one from her police posting on another island.  Then we enjoyed a yummy Christmas dinner with some good Canadian friends.

A few days later we went to a place called the Blue River.  It’s a 1.5-2 hour drive into the jungle.  The water near the small water fall is truly blue.  The fun there is to jump off the “cliff” into the water.  Not my thing, but various members of our family enjoyed jumping.  There were a number of other families there as well and everyone enjoyed playing together.

New Years eve found us on the MAF base enjoying yummy snacks (we provided oliebollen and bitterballen) and lighting off fireworks.  Towards midnight we headed up our hill and found a spot with a view and enjoyed the non-stop fireworks.  I think it went on for about 4 hours, a couple hours before midnight and a couple hours after midnight.  Unbelievable!!  We were all woken up at 7:00 am sharp when someone decided to light off some very large fireworks right by our home.  Thank-you.

Knowing this is our last Christmas season here in Papua, we have been savouring each and every moment.  Except maybe the Christmas booths with their loud music…  Even though they are actually quite creative and pretty…

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A very blessed New Year to you all from our family!

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About Erica Feunekes

Myself, my husband Hugo and our five kids live and work in Sentani, Papua, with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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